GRAMMY Foundation® Award!

Laurel Myers Hurst has been awarded a 2015 Preservation Assistance Grant from the GRAMMY Foundation® to benefit the Halim El-Dabh Archives project. Halim Abdel Messieh El-Dabh (b. 1921) pioneered the fields of electronic music composition, sound art, ethnomusicological research and black studies. Since publication of El-Dabh’s biography, The Musical World of Halim El-Dabh (2003) by Denise Seachrist and The Wire magazine article “Once upon a Time: In Cairo” (2003), an exponentially increasing number of radio broadcasters, symphony directors, festival planners, theatrical producers, musicians, students, scholars and fans have been clamoring for access to Halim El-Dabh’s music in recorded format and in performance scores. The purpose of the current GRAMMY Foundation® funded project is to assist Dr. El-Dabh and his wife, Deborah, as they plan for the safe transition of the El-Dabh collection to a permanent repository where the composer’s work will be made widely available to the public.

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