Rhythmic Movement Training Course Offered in Kent, OH October 7-8, 2017

Level 1: Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® ADD/ADHD and Learning Readiness

Level 1In this 2-day course, participants learn the basics of Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT) including examination of the most important primitive reflexes involved in ADHD and ADD: TLR, Landau, STNR, Spinal Galant, Amphibian and Babinski Reflexes. Through active exploration, participants learn to notice and integrate reflexes through Blomberg Rhythmic Movement. Full registration is $350 if deposit is received three weeks prior; $425 thereafter.

Harald Blomberg, MD developed his methods through nearly 30 years of clinical research and application. Blomberg RMT is a drug-free approach to brain maturation based upon the rhythmic movements infants spontaneously make before they rise to walk. Blomberg protocols effectively address concerns with muscle tone, hyperactivity, concentration, attention, autistic symptoms, reading and writing difficulties, vision, emotional regulation and developmental problems.

Instructors: Laurel Myers Hurst, MA and Kate Wagner, MA (Blomberg RMT-USA)

To register online, click here. Questions? Call BRMT Sliding on the back-from the feet330-990-1289.

This course is for teachers, parents, social workers, therapists (OT, PT, speech, vision), mental healthcare providers, medical professionals, counselors, kinesiologists, special needs and elder care givers, and all those interested in children’s development or alleviation of ADD/HD in children or adults.

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