Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®– Blomberg RMT is effective in improving muscle tone, hyperactivity, concentration and attention, autistic symptoms, reading and writing difficulties, vision and emotional problems. The neuro-stimulation protocols integrate or re-integrate primitive reflexes and affect neuroplasticity in the cerebral cortex and corpus callosum. I am specifically interested in the ways music processing influences adherence to training protocols and whether music processing increases the therapeutic benefits of BRMT.

halim Halim El-Dabh Sound Art – recognized by the GRAMMY Foundation® Preservation Assistance Grant (2015)

As a volunteer assistant to Deborah El-Dabh, I was involved in organizing and annotating the collection of composer Halim El-Dabh with video documentation (2013 to 2014). I maintain a relationship of scholarly reciprocity with the El-Dabhs seeking to revive and provide critical analysis of previously unpublished works. As El-Dabh, at age 95, is actively composing and readying previously unpublished works for engraving, I am honored to collaborate with Deborah El-Dabh, Halim’s wife and companion of nearly 39 years. The El-Dabh’s foresight in preserving so much of the oral and material history of the composer’s life makes this collection vital to understanding and analyzing music of the 20th century and beyond.

Camp Halim LogoIn 2015, Camp Halim was launched with the cooperation of fiscal sponsor LoveLight, Inc. In its inaugural season at the Villages of Franklin Crossing (Kent, OH), the Camp Halim expressive arts initiative for third through eighth graders included drumming, dancing, musical/literary games, public performances and an achievement-based rewards program.

Melorhythm in Gospel Musicconceptualizing improvisatory drive in traditional Gospel

Melorhythm is about the relationship between the voices of an ensemble. According to Meki Nzewi, recycling layered, asymmetrical patterns within an ensemble yields a unifying overall effect called melorhythm. I argue that this type of sonic organization, also called Ensemble Thematic Cycle, describes and elucidates one specific attribute of Gospel singing.

assyrianAssyrian Church of the East (Warren, MI and Akron, OH) It was my pleasure to document the visit of Mar Dinkha IV as St. Mary’s Church of Warren, MI was commissioning construction of a beautiful new church building. Due to the current conflict in Iraq, new opportunities to interact with Assyrian refugees are developing in Summit County, OH.


“Scholar-Practitioner: The Role of the Ethnomusicologist in Reviving Halim El-Dabh’s “Born from the World” (1966-1967)” Society for Ethnomusicology – Austin, TX, December 2015

“Meeting Diversity Education Goals in Regional Campus World Music Courses” AURCO Conference, April 18, 2015

“Incarnation, Redemption and Resurrection in the Early Works of Halim Abdel Messiah El-Dabh (b. 1921)” SCSM Annual Meeting – Emory University, February 14, 2015

“Changing Paradigms: Polyrhythm is Dead” KSU Performing Arts Library Colloquium, March 25, 2012

“Gospel Drive: What Is With All That Repeating?” Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting – Philadelphia, November 2011

“Changing Paradigms: Polyrhythm is Dead” Niagara Chapter Society for Ethnomusicology – Eastman School of Music, March 2011


“Drive vs. Vamp: Theorizing Concepts That Organize ‘Improvisation’ in Gospel Communities” (MA Thesis 2010)

Preface. Five Egyptian Folkloric Pieces (2016). Halim El-Dabh Music, LLC. Written with Halim El-Dabh.

Preface. Osmo-Symbiotic (2015). Halim El-Dabh Music, LLC. Written with Halim El-Dabh.


As an instructor of World Music a Global Phenomenon at Kent State University-Geauga/Twinsburg, I am heavily invested in the success of my face-to-face and online students. The global diversity course allows students an opportunity to reflect upon their own experiences and to discover the world beyond themselves. This course encourages students to reexamine their musical preferences through an analytical framework and to incorporate new musics into their playlists. The course design challenges students to formulate a reasoned code of personal conduct through interacting with views they may have previously overlooked. My teaching actively promotes and supports baccalaureate level writing for all students to ensure their success in upper-level coursework and in their future careers.

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